Members of petroGO will have access to the following products and services:

  • Participation in a wide and integrated industrial community with possibility of significant synergies.
  • Market information from petroGO about Guyana and the activities of Operators in the Guyana offshore basin.
  • petroGO has via TOTALTEC developed a network of businesses, governments, organizations and partners, and makes them available to subscribers.
  • Company visits and individual strategic advice in relation to the Guyana Market.
  • Participation in network meetings for exchange of experience between companies based in Guyana.
  • Participation in exclusive seminars and customer meetings in Guyana at official delegation visits and visits from abroad.
  • Access to market reports showing trends as well as detailed project overviews.
  • Local counselling services in Guyana.
  • Members of petroGO have 3 days per year with counselling on the market and recent/current developments included in the membership.
  • Participation in seminars and customer meetings with national oil company and relevant government agencies locally.
  • Participation in client meetings in Guyana.
  • Participation in shaping the agendas and programs.

Download: Membership agreement_petroGO.pdf