Brian Chia

Brian Chia
Executive Advisor

15 years Schlumberger, 22 years independent consultant

Mr. Chia is Senior Vice President and Co-Founder at TOTALTEC Oilfield Services. Prior to TOTALTEC Mr. Chia held numerous field and management positions with Schlumberger in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Russia (Country Manager), Venezuela (Latin America Marketing), China (Marketing), Paris (Technology Advisor), Norway, Algeria and Argentina. Mr. Chia has experience in setting up operations in remote locations – Siberia, Artic Circle, Pakistan and in global business development.

Mr. Chia has deep insight into the needs of Operators in frontier locations and translating those needs into tailored Products and Services to address those needs.

Mr. Chia is Executive Advisor to PETROGO.ORG.

Previous positions:

  • Senior Vice President, TOTALTEC Oilfield Services, UK
  • Independent Consultant
  • Operations Manager, Quality Intervention
  • Consultant, Schlumberger, International
  • Executive Adviser, Schlumberger, Venezuela
  • Marketing Manager, Schlumberger, China
  • Regional Technical Manager, Schlumberger, Venezuela
  • Country Manager, Schlumberger, Russia
  • Director Sales & Marketing, Schlumberger, Nigeria
  • Regional Technical Manager, Schlumberger, Jakarta


Cell Norway: +47 9822 66 41
Cell France: +33 7 50 99 34 84