Åge Eikså

Åge Eikså
Senior Advisor

Exxon, GMC Maritime, CAP Gemini, Telenor, 13 years independent consultant

Mr. Eikså is an independent consultant who has worked in the oil & gas, IT, telco and construction industry for more than 30 years.

Mr. Eikså has held top management positions including CFO, CEO positions with several companies within oilfield services, geo science, ROV operations, IT, telco and construction.

Mr. Eikså has extensive experience in ICT, oil services, construction, focusing on management, organizational changes, turnarounds, business development, finance and economics. Head of the Board and Board member in several companies, in total more than 30 companies from listed to new comers. Has accumulated a large network and experience within technical training, engineering, services and fabrication companies between Brazil, Norway, Poland and Southeast Asia.

Mr. Eikså holds a MBA from the University of Wisconsin, with postgraduate studies at BI in Oslo.

Previous positions:

• Director Fugro-Jason

• CEO Energy Holding, CAL, NORSIK

• Director Telenor oil&gas

• Director Cap Gemini oil & gas

• CEO/CFO Block Watne

• CFO Olivetti Scanvest Olivetti

• Manager GMC

• Åge also serves as member of several boards of directors of large and mid-sized Norwegian companies


Cell NO: +47 91882029