About petroGO

petroGO was established in 2016 following the significant oil discovery offshore Guyana in 2015. petroGO is established as a vehicle for the International Oil & Gas Industry to assess and access the market in Guyana.

petroGO is a membership platform encouraging dialogue and collaboration between oil companies, technology providers, services companies and governments. Our extensive network of industry contacts and deep local knowledge in Guyana will continue to prove valuable as the development of the Guyana Oil & Gas Industry continues. 

petroGO is owned and operated by TOTALTEC OILFIELD SERVICES (“TOTALTEC”) as an effective platform and vehicle for promoting the offshore industry’s capabilities to key clients in Guyana and providing market information to its members. The focus on Guyanese opportunities is increasing, not only among large supplier companies but also among small and medium-sized enterprises. TOTALTEC is a 100% Guyanese institution under its own control.

The vision of petroGO is to strengthen the long-term basis for value creation and employment in the Guyana Oil & Gas Industry through the focused introduction of international business partners.

The mission of petroGO is to strengthen is members’ industry position and competitiveness locally and to ensure greater value creation through a more committed relationship. The basis of petroGO is a common desire to achieve synergies through better focus, coordination and management activities and networking.

petroGO’s work is based on customer focus, teamwork, solution orientation, respect, knowledge, integrity and competence.

petroGO’s audiences are Service Companies and Suppliers who need support for their business in Guyana and can actively contribute to building a measured increase in developing local Guyanese competence and participation in this new Oil and Gas arena.

petroGO wants to be an active participant and partner for various types of businesses throughout the Oil and Gas value chain and will focus on developing a user-oriented organization. Our partners will be in the driver's seat. These are companies that will be optimally positioned to win contracts.

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